Thursday, July 22, 2010

I realized some of my animations were missing/gone/corrupted SOOOOOO I decided I should posts them again!! Enjoy

Some are new are new so make sure you see them all!
1.On Where. Micron on Plexiglass 2008
2.On Waking up. (or not in this case) Micron on paper cutouts 2010
3.On Forgetting Test. Charcoal on tracing paper 2009
4.On Meditation. Micron and pencil on paper cut outs 2009
5.On Family. (Sideways sorry) Micron of Plexiglas 2008

1. video
2. video
3. video
4. video
5. video


Thomas Zenteno said...

Finally! I never got to see on waking up. And the second on meditation (4) is still awesome.

benbf said...

j'espere que tu retrouveras un peu de tps pour en faire de nouveaux. Ceux la n'ont pas pris une ride, j'adore!

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